What's on the HackerNoon App Home Screen?

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Hey Hackers!

We’ve got some exciting news  🥁🥁🥁

The HackerNoon App is Live!

Through every stage in our evolution, our goal has remained the same - making quality tech articles accessible to everyone, anywhere.

As such, we're taking a big step forward to bring you even more of the tech content you love.

Read, Write and Listen on the Go!

Read, Write and Listen on the Go!

Download the HackerNoon App here.

With our intuitively designed app, one tap is all that stands between you and a world of tech stories, insights, and expert discussions. And to get you started, we’re sharing a sneak peek at our thoughtfully curated home screen.

Let’s dive in!

What’s on Your HackerNoon App Home Screen?

The HackerNoon App’s home screen is divided into 4 sections; trending stories, top stories, tech categories, and poll of the week.

Let’s take a closer look at these sections:

At the top of your home screen, a scrollable section is cordoned off to display the top 5 trending stories on HackerNoon.


The trending stories section is updated every 24 hours. And, it serves as a sneak peek into HackerNoon’s Tech Beat which turns interaction and engagement among users and stories into data-driven rankings.


2. Top Stories

Right below trending stories, the Top Stories section displays the top 5 headlines on HackerNoon, selected by our team of Editors for that time period.

Unlike the Tech beat, the Top Stories are selected based solely on the comparative quality of the submitted drafts.


3. Tech Categories

Next up is HackerNoon’s Tech Categories. For this section, we’ve curated the entire HackerNoon library of 35,000+ tags into 22 Technology categories, giving you more control over the content you consume on HackerNoon.


4. Poll of the Week

Finally, HackerNoon’s Technology Polls.

These polls are updated weekly by our editors and represent where forward-thinking technologists see the industry headed.


They’re one of the many ways we keep in touch with the HackerNoon community about existing and emerging conversations in the world of technology.

That’s it!

Start exploring the HackerNoon App today for more exciting features.

Download the HackerNoon App here.

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