The Web Development Writing Contest: Round 3 Finalists Announced!

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Greetings, fellow hackers, developers, and enthusiasts of the digital realm! Here we are with the shortlisted finalists from the final round of the Web Development Writing Contest by IONOS and HackerNoon. If you are one of the finalists or rooting for one of them, you have a chance to convince the judges by commenting on this announcement why they should win. We will announce the winners in October, 2023!

You can share this announcement on social media with your followers to add more comments to convince the editorial! We will feature the best comments in our winners’ announcement.


The Web Development Writing Contest Round 3: Top 10 Nominations

We have shortlisted the top 10 stories on the following factors:

  1. Content relevancy and quality

  2. Originality - only those stories have been shortlisted that are published first on HackerNoon

  3. Total number of reads proportionate to the reading time. (We monitor bot traffic, so a higher number of reads doesn’t automatically qualify your story to be in the top 10).

Here are the top 10 finalists:

  1. Tailwindcss? I'll Pass by @sipping.
  2. Next.Js 13 Parallel Routes: A Comprehensive Guide by @leandronnz.
  3. Making TypeScript Truly "Strongly Typed" by @nodge.
  4. How I developed a Travel AI app with ChatGPT as a Product Manager and Non-programmer by @dinpd.
  5. A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Simple Next.js 13 Blog by @leandronnz.
  6. Using OpenAI's Whisper and GPT-3 API to Build and Deploy a Transcriber App – Part 1 by @juanfrank77.
  7. Next.js and SignalR: Effortless Socket Integration and Troubleshooting by @chilledcowfan.
  8. File-Based Routing in Node.js: A Brief Guide by @dsitdikov.
  9. The Complete Guide to Deploying NestJS Application on Render by @chiamakaojiyi.
  10. Turbocharge Your Heavy-Duty Web App: Speed Hacks for Lightning-Fast Cloud Computation by @induction.

Congratulations to all the finalists- two of you will win $1000 each!

What Happens Next?

Our Editors will vote on these stories, and the winner will be announced in October. The top two stories with the most votes by editorial will win $1000 each! Share this announcement with your support circle, and comment below why your story should win. We invite all our readers to share their favorite stories in the comments section. Our editors will be reading all the comments.

The HackerNoon writing contests primarily aim to celebrate quality content and recruit educational stories for our community. We congratulate all the finalists. However, the Editorial team can ban a writer and/or disqualify a story if we find any misconduct like plagiarism, copyright infringement, or disinformation.

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