The Unity Writing Contest by Tatum Games: Winners Announced!

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Game devs, assemble! The winners of the Unity Writing Contest by Tatum Games and HackerNoon are announced. First, a brief overview of the contest. We published 61 stories during the contest generating 125k reads and 14 days of reading time. We thank Tatum Games, all the participants and our readers in making this contest a success! Y’all are winners 💚


The Unity Writing Contest Winners

As we know, the contest had 3 rounds. Every month, we announced the finalists for each round and asked our community to comment which stories they liked the best. Our editors read your comments and voted for the stories they liked the best. Here are the finalists and winners for each round:

The Unity Writing Contest, Round 1

Here’s the list of top 10 finalists:

And the winner of the first round is

article preview

From Pixels to Profits: Boosting Revenue with Analytics in Game Development | HackerNoon

Unleash the Power of Analytics in Game Development to Drive Revenue Growth. Discover how data-driven insights transform pixels into profits.

In the past, games were often static experiences that offered limited replayability. However, with live operations, developers can adapt and respond to player expectations in real-time. By actively listening to the community and analyzing player data, developers can identify pain points, introduce new features, and fine-tune the gameplay experience. The result? A game that stays relevant and keeps players coming back for more.

Congratulations,@dylanmich! You have won $1000.

The Unity Writing Contest, Round 2

First, let’s have a look at the finalists:

And the clear winner with the highest number of editorial and community votes is

article preview

Unity Realtime Multiplayer, Part 1: Networking Basics | HackerNoon

This article covers networking basics, player experience considerations, network speeds, underlying infrastructure and potential delays.

Network technologies aren't isolated from the physical world and are subject to several physical limitations: bandwidth, latency, connection reliability — all of these factors are important to consider when developing networked games.

Understanding these basic principles and constraints will help you better evaluate the possible solutions and strategies required for the successful network integration of your games.

Well-deserved,@dmitrii! You have won $1000!

The Unity Writing Contest, Round 3

Here are the top 10 finalists of the third and final round:

Drum roll for the third and final winner of the contest:

article preview

Game Analytics – A Tale of Different Faces | HackerNoon

This article highlights a number of stories which show the different facets of game analytics that may be good or not so great.

Game analytics has become widely established to great benefits, but as with any new technology, a number of other effects have come out of the technology which may not have been what it was originally intended for.

Yay, @oliveremeka! You’ve bagged $1000.

Congratulations to all the winners! We will contact y’all via email to share the next steps. Visit to learn more about running and upcoming contests.

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The HackerNoon writing contests primarily aim to celebrate quality content and recruit educational stories for our community. We congratulate all the finalists. However, the Editorial team can ban a writer and/or disqualify a story if we find any misconduct like plagiarism, copyright infringement, or disinformation.

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