The Bitcoin Mining Writing Contest by GoMining: Results Announced!

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Greetings! Welcome to the results announcement of the HackerNoon Bitcoin Mining Writing Contest in partnership with GoMining. The contest was held from January 1st to Jan 31st on the topics of  #bitcoin-mining - unraveling its history, dissecting its mechanics, and forecasting its future! We thank you all for participating in the contest and making it a success. We appreciate your participation!!!


The Bitcoin Mining Writing Contest: Finalists

  1. The Terraforming of Bitcoin: A Speculation on Viable Planetarity by @espectaculativo.
  2. Hash Rate Analysis Projections: Why Bitcoin Should Embrace Quantum Information Science by @maken8.
  3. Is It the End of BTC Mining? by @induction.
  4. Much Ado About Bitcoin Halving by @juxtathinka.
  5. 21M Bitcoins/2.1 Quadrillion Satoshis by @maken8.
  6. Bitcoin Mining: The Past, The Present, and What’s Next? by @emmanuelaj.
  7. Craig Wright And The Bitcoin Supercomputer Fraud by @mylegacykit.
  8. Is Bitcoin Mining Dead? GoMining and NFTs Say "Not So Fast!" by @normbond.
  9. No Power Grid? This African Village Mines Bitcoin for Electricity by @antagonist.

🏆 …and the winner of the Bitcoin Mining Writing Contest is:

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Hash Rate Analysis Projections: Why Bitcoin Should Embrace Quantum Information Science | HackerNoon

Bitcoin should fund quantum information science because a quantum bitcoin miner is much more efficient than a classical bitcoin miner.

Well-deserved, @maken8! You have won $1000!

Here are the next steps to claim your prize:

  • Please contact [email protected] and [email protected] using the email ID attached to the winner's HackerNoon account.
  • We will validate your claim and share a form requesting your bank details for reward distribution.
  • You will receive your winnings in 2-4 weeks after filling out the form.

Please note that you must contact us within 60 days after the winners’ announcement date.

Message from Sponsor

GoMining is happy to sponsor the Bitcoin Mining Writing Contest in partnership with HackerNoon. GoMining is a global bitcoin mining company operating nine data centers across the globe. Mine BTC with GoMining NFTs, backed by real computing power, and unlock daily rewards. Start your free trial period today.

The HackerNoon writing contests primarily aim to celebrate quality content and recruit educational stories for our community. We congratulate all the finalists. However, the Editorial team can ban a writer and/or disqualify a story if we find any misconduct like plagiarism, use of AI, copyright infringement, or disinformation.

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