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Opinions A Hub of Copyright Infringement And Exploitation of Content Creators, apparently operated and published under the name Bourbiza Mohamed, has been under fire for its rampant copyright infringement site, garnering over 1000 reports on the Lumen database.

Content creators and legitimate publishers have united in condemning Mohamed's actions, labeling him as an internet parasite profiting off others' hard work and journalism.

Despite numerous reports to the hosting provider and efforts to halt its operations, continues to thrive, raising serious concerns about the effectiveness of current enforcement measures.

Bourbiza Mohamed, the supposed face behind, has become synonymous with online exploitation, shamelessly pilfering copyrighted material from reputable sources.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed if the site operators name is accurate. However, several journalists and copyright experts are now on the case to seek, locate and destroy the parasite (website)

His website acts as a cesspool of stolen content, rebranded under Mohamed's name, robbing creators of their rightful recognition and compensation.

Not content with merely stealing content, Mohamed goes the extra mile by falsifying authorship and manipulating anchor texts to divert traffic away from legitimate publishers.


The Plight of Content Creators:

Content creators pour their hearts and souls into producing quality content, only to have it stolen and repackaged by individuals like Bourbiza Mohamed.

This flagrant disregard for intellectual property rights undermines the very fabric of creativity and innovation, depriving creators of their livelihoods and eroding trust in online publishing.

A Call to Action:

It's time to hold individuals like Bourbiza Mohamed accountable for their actions. The internet should be a space for creativity and collaboration, not exploitation and theft.

I personally urge authorities and internet service providers to take decisive action against and other similar platforms, ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights and the fair treatment of content creators.

The Search Engine Paradox: Google's Inaction Fuels Website-Level Copyright Infringement

The battle against online copyright infringement intensifies, with tech behemoth Google finding itself embroiled in controversy over its failure to combat website-level copyright violations.

Despite asserting strict guidelines against copyright infringement, Google's reluctance to address entire websites perpetuates a cycle of digital theft and exploitation.

Google's Failure to Address the Root Issue:

As the dominant force in online search, Google plays a pivotal role in determining the visibility and accessibility of digital content. However, its approach to combating copyright infringement falls short of addressing the root of the problem.

By focusing solely on individual pages rather than entire websites, Google inadvertently empowers offenders to continue their illicit activities unchecked.

Google's inaction places an undue burden on content creators, who are left to navigate a convoluted process of reporting infringements. This not only undermines the efforts of legitimate publishers but also perpetuates a culture of impunity among copyright violators.

Defining Copyright of Website Content

  1. Original Content:

Any original written text, articles, blog posts, or other literary works published on a website are automatically protected by copyright upon creation. Images and Graphics: Original visual content displayed on the website, including images, graphics, photographs, and illustrations, is protected by copyright.

  1. Videos and Multimedia:

    Original multimedia content produced or licensed by the website owner is subject to copyright protection. Audio Content: Original audio recordings, podcasts, music tracks, and sound effects created or licensed by the website owner are protected by copyright.

  2. Text and Multimedia Adaptations:

Adaptations or derivative works created from copyrighted content are subject to copyright protection. Third-party Content: Content obtained from third-party sources may be protected by copyright.

Hyperlinks and Copyright Compliance

Providing backlinks to the original publisher does not exempt individuals or entities from complying with copyright laws.

While backlinks may serve as attribution, they do not grant permission to reproduce, distribute, or display copyrighted material without authorization.

It's imperative for website owners and content creators to exercise caution and ensure compliance with copyright laws to avoid infringement issues.

Google and other search engine giant need to start addressing website-level copyright infringement to protect intellectual property rights in the search engines. It's time for tech giants to prioritize the enforcement of copyright laws and combat digital theft effectively.

Media Asset & Content Parasites Replicating

Media Asset & Content Parasites Replicating

Let me tell you something about these copyright blog owners like They're nothing but a bunch of lazy, uneducated parasites who have absolutely zero respect for the hard work and property of others. They think they can just waltz right in and take whatever they like, without a care in the world.

It sickens me to see these leeches attempting to fly off the creativity and sweat of content creators without batting an eye. They're like scavengers, picking apart the work of others and passing it off as their own, all for a quick buck. It's disgraceful.

And what's even more infuriating is how they continue to operate despite receiving over 1000 content takedowns. Can't Google see that these sites have no place in our internet world?

It's time we start taking a stand and imposing harsh penalties on these parasites. They need to be held accountable for their actions and shut down for good.

Enough is enough. It's time to put an end to this blatant disregard for intellectual property rights. These copyright blog owners need to be deposed of, and its high time we take action to protect the hard work of content creators everywhere.

Although the websites hosting IP and provider is proxied behind, after filing an abuse report form with the DNS and CDN provider. It was able to provide the details of the webhost who was identified to be Hetzner.

Herzner was also contacted and advised about the copyright offenses committed by and a yet again another abuse form was completed with the request to have the site suspended.

Copyright Complaint - Abuse Reference Numbers

  1. Cloudflare Complaint Ref - 7492e30525e5587a
  2. Herzner Complaint Ref - MU-07E4EBC3-1:1D

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