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The wait is over! - it’s time to celebrate the champion startups of the world. Shout out to all of the participants in our 2023 Startups of the Year! You did a wonderful job showcasing your incredible startups and powering through another year.


Startups of the Year 2023 is a community-driven voting platform brought to you by HackerNoon that recognizes and celebrates tech startups changing technology and the world for the better. The award started on May 8th, 2023, where the internet nominated and voted for 30k startups around the world. The voting period remained open until December 31, 2023, and now we are here with the winner announcement after a comprehensive evaluation by the HackerNoon team.

To see the top 3 startups in each respective city, visit and pick a city.

You’ll get a little surprise 😉

Here are the Startups of the Year Regional Announcements:

From all of us at HackerNoon, thank YOU for your excellent campaign perseverance 🥺

This year has been awesome! Startups of the Year 2023 finished with 623k+ total total votes, up from 215k+ votes in the inaugural startup competition.

3x More Votes in 2023!

3x More Votes in 2023!

We look forward to seeing you again in the next campaign (stay tuned 😉)!

Without further ado, let us kick off the announcement by celebrating the cities with top votes per region for 2023 🎉

North America

  1. Cleveland, Ohio (11,697 votes): Winner: Bloomfilter
  2. Austin, Texas (8,835 votes) - Winner: SerpApi
  3. San Francisco, California (5,564 votes) - Winner: Finch
  4. SoMa, California (4,258 votes) - Winner: RELAYTO
  5. Toronto, Canada, North America - (3339 votes) Winner: Windscribe
  6. Seattle (3304 votes) - Winner: Vouched
  7. Palo Alto, CA, North America (2716 votes) - Winner: Seccuri
  8. Miami, FL, North America (2671 votes) - Winner: Salsa Valley
  9. Manhattan, New York (2,613 votes) - Winner: Majhi Group
  10. New York City, NY, North America (2423 votes) - Winner: Flieber, Inc.

See the complete announcement for the Startups of the Year, North America, here.


  1. London, UK (45,612 votes) - Winner: Algomo
  2. Warsaw, Poland (2,344votes) - Winner: Data Lake
  3. Bari, Italy (1,955 votes) - Winner: Hoken Tech
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands (1716 votes) - Winner: Not8
  5. Frankfurt Am Main, Germany (1657 votes) - Winner: KYVE
  6. Kyiv, Ukraine (1566 votes) - Winner: BazaIT
  7. Tallinn, Estonia (1496 votes) - Winner: Unity Network
  8. Ghent, Belgium (1,478 votes) - Winner: Volcaino
  9. Dublin, Ireland (1,288 votes) - Winner: Owl Me
  10. Paris, France (1198 votes) - Winner: Groover

See the complete announcement for the Startups of the Year, Europe, here.


  1. Melbourne (3,350 votes) - Winner: Sharepass

  2. Perth, Australia (2,107 votes) - Winner: The Catfisher Project

  3. Auckland, New Zealand, Oceania (220 votes) - Winner: Gemini AI Solutions

  4. Wellington, New Zealand, Oceania (213 votes) - Winner: Nexustorage

  5. Sydney (138 votes) - Winner: Coviu

  6. Brisbane, Australia, Oceania (124 votes) - Winner: Bopple

  7. New South Wales, Australia, Oceania (124 votes) - Winner: Regional CFO

  8. Gold Coast, Australia, Oceania (106 votes) - Winner: Edit on the Spot

  9. Canbera, Australia, Oceania (93 votes) - Winner: Knowledge Satnav

  10. North Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, Oceania (48 votes) - Winner: Peptalk360

See the complete announcement for the Startups of the Year, Oceania, here.


  1. Singapore (16,345 votes) - Winner: Serenity Shield

  2. Telangana, India (13,588 votes) - Winners: QUIXY

  3. Mumbai, India (10,168 votes) - Winner: HealthySure

  4. Visakhapatnam, India (3,865 votes) - Winner: InterviewBuddy

  5. Bengaluru, India (3,733 votes) - Winner: Omniflo

  6. Tel Aviv (4589 votes) - Winner: MeNow

  7. Dubai (3877 votes) - Winner: ForestVPN

  8. Powai, Mumbai, India (2478 votes) - Winner: TechGraph

  9. Ahmedabad, GJ, India (1004 votes) - Winner: Reelo

  10. Hong Kong, China (875 votes) - Winner: Debt Hunter

See the complete announcement for the Startups of the Year, Asia, here.


  1. Algiers, Algeria (8,179 votes) - Winner: GO PLATFORM

  2. Accra, Ghana (767 votes) - Winner: Tudu

  3. Lagos, Nigeria (415 votes) - Winner: Treford

  4. Ogbomosho, Nigeria (265 votes) - Winner: Phalconwise

  5. Cairo (157 votes) - Winner: AbuErdan

  6. Lekki (151 votes) - Winner: Eazipay

  7. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (144 votes) - Winner: Mazao Hub

  8. Gauteng, South Africa (101 votes) - Winner: faceATT

  9. Cape Town (79 votes) - Winner: Dimagi

  10. Addis Ababa (71 votes) - Winner: Sabi

See the complete announcement for the Startups of the Year, Africa, here.

South America

  1. Santiago, Chile (376 votes ) - Winner: UpGirl

  2. Sao Paulo, Brazil (217 votes) - Winner: Klever

  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina (191 votes) - Winner: Tributo Simple

  4. Montevideo, Uruguay (127 votes) - Winner: Light-it

  5. Antioquia, Colombia (87 votes) -Winner: Thousand

  6. Lima (108 votes) - Winner: GetLavado

  7. Medellin (101 votes) - Winner: Cogniflow

  8. Bogota (73 votes) - Winner: TPAGA

  9. Quito (73 votes) - Winner: Reliv

  10. Cordoba (47 votes) - WInner: Quantex

See the complete announcement for the Startups of the Year, South America, here.

Misc/Remote: Featured Startups

See the complete announcement for Misc/Remote startups here.

Once again, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and BIG PROPS to all of the top Startups of each region this year!

The whole team at HackerNoon would like to thank you for your perseverance in the campaign, and we look forward to seeing you in the next campaign.

About HackerNoon’s Startups Of The Year

Startups of The Year is HackerNoon’s Flagship community-driven event celebrating startups that survived and thrived in 2023. 30,000 startups across 4200+ cities and six continents participated this year to be crowned the best startup in their city.

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