Marching Forward: Major Mobile App Update, Evergreen Company Pages, Top Writers Ranking, and More!

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It’s that time of the month again… raise your hands for a new product update! Get ready for a fresh mobile app update, an enriched work section on profile pages, revamped evergreen tech company news pages, an entirely new top writers ranking and more!

This product update reflects changes to the platform fromJanuary 10th until March 1st, 2023.

HackerNoon App V1.9: Meet All The Updates

Our mobile app just got better! Not only have the reading and navigation features improved, but now you can also WRITE on the app! Whaaat?!!!

How to Write on the HackerNoon app

Meet our app's writer dashboard!!

Meet our app's writer dashboard!!

  1. Open your app and click the new writing icon (the second icon on the bottom bar)
  2. You’ll see all your current drafts: select one to edit or start a new draft by clicking the “NEW” button at the top
  3. Once on the draft, you can write, delete, and edit it as you like and fill in all the story settings as you would on the desktop version.
  4. Submit the draft by clicking “Submit Story for Review” and you’re done!

Drafts created on the app can be opened and edited on the web version as well.

Easy right? Download or update the app from the Apple App Store and __Google Store__and start typing!

Other new features include…

HackerNoon's app home screen

HackerNoon's app home screen

  1. A multilanguage app? Yes, we did that! Find your homepage, stories, tagged and category pages now in 13 languages.
  2. Homescreen, meet bigger story cards for trending stories and dynamic categories based on recent stories.
  3. New pixelated icons on the footer = new features. Spot the new writing icon? That’s the place you’ll want to click to start a new story.
  4. Don’t want to see your playlist icon on your main screen all the time? That’s easy. Just drag the icon where you want it to be or go to profile settings and click “hide playlist icon”.
  5. Light and dark mode adjustments for your viewing pleasure.

New Noon Notification

New Noon Notification

Introducing Evergreen Pages on HackerNoon

Following our Tech Companies ranking, HackerNoon’s Tech Companies News Pages have received a significant upgrade to accurately represent your company's online presence among our database of 11,000+ top tech companies worldwide. Featuring news, mentions, and trending interest based on the HackerNoon Evergreen Index, it offers a comprehensive introduction to the tech world. Take a look:

HackerNoon's Evergreen Pages

HackerNoon's Evergreen Pages

Each Evergreen page has four main sections: home, news, about, and blog. Let’s check them out using

  • HomePage: it includes a logo, name, slogan, email, employee numbers, funding date, ranking, description, and a graphic of the company’s ranking and stock price (for public companies).
  • News page: it exhibits all stories that mention the company and presents a related companies’ listicle.
  • About page: get the company’s wiki, which has all the essential info about the foundation and story of the brand, and the blog button will direct you to the brand’s profile page.
  • Blog page: currently reserved for our business blogging customers, who host their blogs on HackerNoon, and for Premium brands, who can link any external blog post to this section.

Added perk: companies can edit these pages to better showcase their brand.

To create or claim your evergreen page click here.


Premium users enjoy exclusive features like a wide video banner, hiding competitor lists, adding external links via the Web Articles section, and linking your HackerNoon or corporate blog.

See more about unlocking Evergreen Premium here.

Want more learn more about Evergreen Pages? Get the full debrief here.

Top Writers On All Tech Category Pages

We’ve just launched a whole new top writers ranking featuring the contributors with the most number of stories published in each Tech Category!


This ranking is updated daily and exhibits all the top 10 most prolific writers and their profiles. Visit and see what it looks like.

Work Section Live On Profile Pages

On the last product update, we announced the ability to add your work experience to your profile. Now, you have a job-dedicated page on your profile page showcasing all the work info you add. Take a look:

Work Section On Profile Pages

Work Section On Profile Pages

Go to your profile page and add your work experience to see it go live on your profile.

Emoji Credibility Indicators: Meet The New Icons


If you need a refresher, Emoji Credibility Indicators are emojis that appear underneath the author profile along the sidebar of each story and provide context and transparency about the content.

We've enhanced our indicators to accurately reflect the diverse content submitted to HackerNoon. Now, our categories include an expanded range of Context and Disclaimer indicators like Original Reporting, Code License, Vested Interest, AI-Assisted, etc., alongside Content Types indicators such as News, Guide, Product Launch, Fiction, Press Release, Video, etc. Plus, we've introduced some fun new emojis to complement them.

Learn more about each Emoji Credibility Indicator here.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

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