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Hello again, Hackers 💚

HackerNoon editors are back with another edition focusing on keywords, the secret sauce for distribution. Crafting innovative keywords can elevate your story from hundreds to thousands of views. Case in point: a recent story garnered close to 380k views (all organic!).

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Nintendo Breaks Its Silence On Palworld | HackerNoon

Nintendo finally broke its silence after Palworld’s launch raised controversy among the Pokemon community.


When the story came to us, it had some very generic keywords. On top of that, only six of the total eight keywords were utilized. Now, we get it: authors just want to get over the whole keyword business, but ranking for generic terms like “gaming,” “video games,” or even “pc gaming” is not only hard, it’s likely impossible.


We want authors to be able to rank on Google and effectively increase their reach. Realizing there was room for improvement, HackerNoon editors sprung to action and promptly changed the keywords to:


And as luck would have it, four of those keywords began ranking on the SERP page 1:

  • Nintendo palworld
  • Nintendo lawsuit
  • Nintendo vs palworld
  • Nintendo palworld response


We hope that this example demonstrates how pivotal it is to spend an extra few minutes creating new and innovative keywords. There’s this weird misconception going around that your story keywords need to be from an existing list – nope, not true at all! In fact, the more new and specific keywords you tag your story with, the higher the chances that you’ll be able to garner views in the thousands!

The great thing about HackerNoon is that it offers budding authors a total of eight keywords, leaving room for experimentation. So don’t be afraid to try out new keywords that might help your story rank on Google. \

HackerNoon Mobile App Makes Writing Easier

We know how much all of you looove the HackerNoon App and now, the Version 1.9 update, retrofits the HackerNoon Text Editor for iOS and Android, giving you the ability to write and submit drafts on the go. Start using it right now by adding your voice to the developments taking place in tech, talking smack about the Apple Vision Pro, Bitcoin, etc. And if you want to explore the full list of HackerNoon writing templates, head down here.

Some cool new ways to make $$ 🤑🤑🤑

For all you glory hunters and cash fiends, HackerNoon has several great writing contests running that could help make your bank beefier.

The biggest one is the ongoing Opt Out Writing Contest by Āut Labs & HackerNoon with a prize pool of $9,000!! This one’s for the thinkers who dare to question and challenge the status quo, the societal construct where we live.

If you just need that slight push to get started, we have an excellent template that you can use to jot down ideas and even submit a story!

Looking forward to your submissions!

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