Investigating Internet Freedom: Content Moderation in a Borderless World

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Join award-winning journalist Nicole Scott in her latest video series, exploring digital democracy and our collective role in shaping the online world.

We've taken a deep dive into the technical foundations that fuel the internet's engine. Now, let's switch gears and explore what's constructed on this sturdy base - the websites and social media platforms that shape public conversations and our individual realities.

But, do content regulations create boundaries in the seemingly boundless online universe? These questions are tied to larger debates over who has the power to regulate online content. Join Nicole Scott as she explores the intricate world of digital democracy, unveiling the secrets of our web and our responsibility.

Delve into this fascinating episode here:

About the Digital Democracy Series

This four-part series sheds light on the often-overlooked factors that shape our digital landscape, highlighting the societal impact of digital infrastructure, regulation, and the diverse agendas that influence our online freedom. In collaboration with influential figures like IONOS' CTO and SAP's Chief Futurist, Nicole Scott navigates the intricate dynamics of digital governance. The series emphasizes the crucial role of digital literacy in empowering us to reclaim our rights and conduct our lives and businesses with freedom and integrity online.

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Watch the whole series on Digital Democracy here.

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