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The financial technology universe pulsates with state-of-the-art innovation, futuristic solutions, and unicorn companies waiting to blossom. Successful blockchain innovators are well aware, that CoinAgenda has been the beating heart of FinTech nearly since the inception of Bitcoin.

CoinAgenda, the first digital asset conference designed with the adoption of financial technology in mind, persists after a decade of prosperous experiences. The tenth annual CoinAgenda Global Conference kicks off in Los Angeles, October 4-6, at Casa del Mar, Santa Monica and yours truly is excited to be a part of yet another incredibly influential and industry-altering event!

Arnaud Saint-Paul & Alyze Sam pitching GIVENation.world to BitAngels at CoinAgenda 2018

Arnaud Saint-Paul & Alyze Sam pitching GIVENation.world to BitAngels at CoinAgenda 2018

As a beacon for industry veterans, startups, investors, and enthusiasts, CoinAgenda events unite diverse minds to delve into the latest trends, emerging possibilities, and groundbreaking opportunities within this dynamic realm. With a commitment to education, collaboration, and networking, CoinAgenda has established itself as the premier platform for crypto aficionados to connect and thrive.

A Glimpse into CoinAgenda's Dynamic Landscape

CoinAgenda events are not your ordinary conferences but vibrant experiences that engage, inspire, and educate. Attendees are treated to various activities, including captivating keynote presentations, in-depth panel discussions, interactive workshops, and exciting pitch competitions. It's a melting pot of insights, ideas, and connections that fuel the growth of the crypto and blockchain spaces. Not to mention, the food, entertainment, and celebrity guests are always absolutely divine.

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

A Palette of Topics, Painted by Experts

From blockchain's transformative potential to the intricate world of decentralized finance (DeFi), CoinAgenda events cover an array of topics that matter most in the industry. Experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs share their insights into tokenomics, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency investing, regulatory dynamics, and more.

Attendees gain unparalleled insights into the ever-changing landscape, allowing them to navigate the future with confidence.

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

For Whom CoinAgenda Tolls

CoinAgenda events are the convergence points for a high-end, high-class crowd, which includes institutional investors, venture capitalists, prominent founders, legal gurus, tech geniuses, and experienced blockchain enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking strategic partnerships or a curious VC looking to immerse yourself in FinTech, DeFi, AI, and other state-of-the-art technology and investments, CoinAgenda invites you to connect, collaborate, make “coin” and learn with the best in the digital financial world.

As someone who has attended CoinAgenda yearly nearly since the start, I asked Founder, Michael Terpin what makes his event unique from other conferences, his answer reignited my love for the space and reminded me of the magical aura that surrounds The CoinAgenda Global Conferences.

Terpin replied, “You know Sam, early in the crypto there were a lot of meetups, but they were really nerdy or geeky….”

/me and all the other OG crypto geeks are HIGHLY offended by his statement… but I allow the Godfather of Crypto to continue…

“You see, to advance the adoption of Bitcoin and see the rise of alternative digital currencies, I realized institutionalized money needed to be injected into the space, that’s exactly what CoinAgenda accomplished….

CoinAgenda’s stage is filled with keynote speakers, successful visionaries, and world-known Thought Leaders, though, what makes CoinAgenda truly special, is our audience encompasses individuals with equally as robust resumes. CoinAgenda is an exclusive conference where everyone present has been a valuable asset to the growth of Bitcoin and alternative digital currencies.

CoinAgenda: Where the Future Unfolds

At its core, CoinAgenda is more than just an event series; it's a movement that propels the adoption and understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. By bringing together thought leaders, pioneers, and visionaries, CoinAgenda creates an environment where innovation thrives, conversations ignite, and blueprints for the future come to life.

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

CoinAgenda's Unforgettable Moments and Influential Voices

CoinAgenda is synonymous with headline news stories and captivating speakers who have graced its stage. Some highlights include:

Headline News Stories

ICO Boom and Regulation: CoinAgenda has explored the ICO boom's impact on regulations, and how this affects fundraising for blockchain projects.

Rise of DeFi: Decentralized finance's disruptive ascent is a hot topic, unveiling blockchain's transformative potential.

NFT Craze: CoinAgenda has immersed attendees in the world of NFTs, shedding light on their use cases, challenges, and the revolutionary concept of digital ownership.

Blockchain Adoption: Discussions on integrating blockchain in industries like supply chain management, healthcare, and real estate have showcased blockchain's versatility.

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

Prominent Speakers Who've Left Their Mark:

Vinny Lingham: Prominent entrepreneur and investor Vinny Lingham has illuminated blockchain adoption and crypto market trends in his engaging talks.

Tim Draper: Venture capitalist Tim Draper, known for his early investments in companies like Skype and Tesla, has enriched CoinAgenda discussions with his blockchain and crypto insights.

Charlie Lee: Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has discussed his journey, insights, and the future of Litecoin and blockchain technology.

Tone Vays: Former Wall Street trader turned crypto analyst Tone Vays has brought technical analysis, market trends, and blockchain developments to life at CoinAgenda.

Erik Voorhees: ShapeShift's founder and CEO, Erik Voorhees, has shared his perspectives on the evolution and challenges of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Brock Pierce: Blockchain entrepreneur and advocate Brock Pierce, a leading figure in the crypto space, has shared his insights and experiences at CoinAgenda events.

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

CoinAGENDA assets are being used with consent from Michael Terpin for HackerNoon Exclusive

Introduction to CoinAgenda’s Founder

Michael Terpin: Shaping the Crypto Landscape

Michael Terpin isn't just a name; he's a force driving change in the crypto and blockchain worlds. Terpin has made indelible contributions to the industry as an entrepreneur, investor, and advocate. Co-founding BitAngels, a trailblazing angel investor group, he supports early-stage blockchain startups. His work with Transform Group, a blockchain advisory and PR firm, guides companies through the industry's complexities.

Terpin's commitment to blockchain education shines through in his talks at global events. He champions the power of blockchain to reshape industries and processes through transparency and decentralization. His legal actions against crypto fraud and theft showcase his dedication to investor protection.

Micheal Terpin, Founder CoinAGENDA & BitAngels

Micheal Terpin, Founder CoinAGENDA & BitAngels

The 10th Anniversary CoinAgenda Global is Shill-Worthy!

This year’s CoinAgenda Global theme is “The End of Crypto Winter: Planning for the Fourth Halving” (taking place April 2024).

Not up-to-date? The Bitcoin halving is an event that occurs every four years when the amount of new Bitcoin supply is cut in half.

Copyrighted Photo Source: https://icourban.com/

Copyrighted Photo Source: https://icourban.com/

CoinAgenda Global will also take advantage of being held in Los Angeles for the first time (the nine prior events took place in Las Vegas) by adding in a Web3 Agenda day, covering consumer entertainment aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain, including Web3 gaming, NFTs and the metaverse. Speakers will include major figures from the intersection of Hollywood and the cryptoverse.

Santa Monica’s 2023 CoinAgenda Expert Speakers Include

Industry-leading keynotes at this event include William Quigley, co-founder of Tether and WAX, as well as managing director of Magnetic Capital; Vinny Lingham, “the Oracle of Bitcoin” who first predicted $1,000 bitcoin; and Enzo Villani, former head of strategy for NASDAQ, currently chief investment officer at Alpha Sigma Capital, which is up 1400 percent in the past three years, and the new Alpha Liquid Fund.

You can also see the following TechStars in LA at CoinAgenda this week including;

Tone Vays

Tone Vays

TONE VAYS: Bitcoin Unconfiscatable

Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham


Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier

ERIC PULIER: Founder & CEO Vatom Inc

  • Crypto Wendy O

    Crypto Wendy O

WENDY O: Founder Crypto Wendy O

“It’s gratifying to be the first cryptocurrency conference to complete its first full decade of continuous operation,

states founder, Michael Terpin.

“CoinAgenda spun out of BitAngels, the first angel group for crypto investing, and the two entities continue to work hand in hand to bring together the best minds, companies, and investors in crypto under one roof in leading jurisdictions every year for a high-end, experiential conference that is unique among its peers.”

In addition to the Global conference, CoinAgenda will hold regional events for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) in Dubai, in conjunction with presenting sponsor and partner Cypher Capital. CoinAgenda EMEA will take place from October 19 and 20 in the exclusive Atlantis Dubai, while the 7th Annual CoinAgenda Caribbean will take place in San Juan from December 11-13, which is part of Puerto Rico Blockchain Week. Further, both conferences will hold BitAngels startup pitch competitions featuring premier experiences including interactive meals, exclusive parties, and newsworthy entertainment and experiences.

For information on tickets, speaking or otherwise please visit www.coinagenda.com or their social media accounts:

Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Telegram  LinkedIn

Article note: This author has no affiliation with CoinAgenda except being a former speaker, attendee and pitching at a BitAngels event. This is not a paid article and is merely a dedication to my professional friend, Michael Terpin, who is the best breakdancer in the world. Thank you for always supporting me, my writing and tech builds/launches. CoinAgenda is a magical place, and I pray to see you all there and at Vatom house for our private dinner.

In the realm of digital gold's grand parade,

CoinAgenda shines a trailblazing cascade.

First of its kind, a pioneer in its stance,

Cryptocurrency's jewel, in the global dance.

Longest-running and enduring in its grace,

A high-end networking hub, a sought-after place.

Where minds converge and visions intertwine,

In the world of FinTech, it's a gem that shines.

Authored By Alyze Sam, Interviewed Michael Terpin

Alyze Sam is a refreshing blockchain strategist, a novel educator, a multi-award-winning author, a serial co-founder, and a vehemently driven advocate. She is launching Web3 solutions as the CEO of a fair launch incubator. Sam has notably published books with; Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott and wrote a tech encyclopedia with inventors of the tech, Eric Pulier, Craig Sellars, Reeve Collins, J.R. Willett, and many other Thought Leaders. The Bad Crypto Podcast developed a Blockchain Hero NFT inspired by her work: Mz. Stability. Sam has been ranked top 50 in Blockchain, Top 100 in Web3, and top 5 Women in NFTs (HackerNoon, 2022) and released The ABCs of NFTs with the world's youngest author, her 4-year-old son!

Sam's six published books have been awarded best sellers and best releases in over 14 science, business, education, and technical categories. Order Sam's latest #1 new release with Alex Tapscott on Amazon now: Digital Asset Revolution and her #1 in Computer Science & Financial Education: Stablecoin Evolution & the Nifty Encyclopedia AR interactive NFT and coffee table collectors edition is out for pre-sale now!

Alyze Sam, Award-Winning Technical Author, Serial Co-Founder & College Educator

Alyze Sam, Award-Winning Technical Author, Serial Co-Founder & College Educator

Contact Alyze

-Amazon Page & Bio

-Twitter(or X.. whatever Elon is doing this week)
-Email: [email protected]

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