HackerNoon Mobile App Now Supports In-App Writing and 13 Total Languages to Read Tech Blogs

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HackerNoon, the independent publishing platform, is pleased to announce a major update to the HackerNoon Mobile App, introducing functionality that makes it easier for authors to write stories from mobile devices and improves accessibility to content with language translations.

The Version 1.9 update retrofits the HackerNoon Text Editor for iOS and Android, giving users the ability to write and submit drafts to human editors on the go without the need to access the web version of HackerNoon to share their insights with the community at large.

The HackerNoon Mobile App also now supports machine translated stories from English to Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Bengali, and German. In addition to the stories being translated, the native in app language is also translated in its entirety to better serve more worldwide markets.

Other updates to the HackerNoon Mobile App include changing how the app measures trending tags and publishing activity; redesigning the story cards to better highlight top technology stories; and adding a  modernized draggable playlist. Users can now also enjoy original pixelated icons in the app UI and dark mode details.

“This is our mobile app’s biggest update to date, with native support for the HackerNoon Text Editor and 12 additional languages to read our library of technology stories,” HackerNoon Founder and CEO David Smooke said. “This update is a commitment to helping technologists to not only more easily create content but also to reach and serve worldwide readers from their mobile devices.”

Launched in 2023 Q4, the HackerNoon Mobile App is the perfect companion for technologists looking to access 100k+ technology blog posts from the convenience of their phones and make contributions to topics of interest to the web at large, including cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, startups, and tech.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the app is designed to empower tech enthusiasts and anyone interested in the rapidly evolving tech landscape by offering them all the same functionalities as the HackerNoon.com website, including the ability to engage in polls, listening to audio, and discovering content personalized to their tastes.

Download the HackerNoon App on your favorite App Store. Click here to download for iOS or here for Android.

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