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Scan Text from Images and Chat with AI Messaging

Added on 14-10-2023

Tired of manual typing? Try TextScan AI, the mobile app that scans text from images and enhances your chat with AI-powered messaging. Say farewell to typing hassles and embrace swift, accurate communication.

Key Features:

  1. Text Scanning: Extract text from images effortlessly.
  2. AI Messaging: Chat smarter with AI-powered messaging.
  3. Fresh Design: Enjoy an updated, user-friendly app design.
  4. Voice Messaging: Record and send voice messages for seamless communication.

What's New:

  • Improved Design: A fresh new look for easier navigation.
  • Voice Messaging: Speak instead of typing for added convenience.

Why Choose TextScan AI: TextScan AI simplifies chatting with text scanning and AI-powered messaging. Its updated design enhances usability, while voice messaging ensures effortless communication, anytime and anywhere.

Download the Latest Version: Discover the enhanced chatting experience with TextScan AI's latest version. Say goodbye to typing and hello to efficient communication!

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