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Optimize your work with an integrated AI assistant – generate and improve new and existing content

Added on 23-09-2023

Nimbus Platform is an integrated suite of tools designed to optimize team collaboration, project management, and content creation. The platform is ideal for digital agencies, sales, marketing teams, SMBs, consultants, management, and customer support teams. It offers solutions for enterprises, non-profit organizations, and SMBs.

Main Features

  • Collaboration: Internal and external collaboration in one place.
  • Shared Pages: Send only one link with all information.
  • Branding: Promote your brand and services.
  • Security: Protect your data and work in a secure space.
  • Super documents: Add different content to one document.
  • Nimbus Portals: No-code portals for clients and partners.
  • Structuring: Organize information and navigate easier.
  • Backups: Get a copy of your data and restore it anytime.
  • Integration: Use all your favorite tools on one platform.

AI Assistant

Nimbus Platform features an AI assistant that can generate and refine content, brainstorm ideas, turn discussions into tasks, provide short summaries, and personalized recommendations. This AI assistant is designed to save time and improve efficiency, particularly for client-oriented businesses such as digital agencies, consulting firms, and individual consultants and coaches.

Use Cases

The platform is used for various purposes, such as:

  • Client Portals: Deliver exceptional client services.
  • Data Collection: Collect and manage client information.
  • Knowledge Base: Create one source of truth for clients and team.
  • Project Management: Work on client projects without extra hurdles.
  • Full Page Screenshot: Reduce screenshot-taking to one click.

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