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Added on 14-10-2023

Knowbase is the unique fusion of Dropbox and ChatGPT, redefining how you store, access, and interact with your stored information. It's like having a second brain for your digital world.

Key Features:

  • Build Your Second Brain: Upload everything – from lengthy Zoom calls to favorite books and even YouTube videos. Then, interact with your stored knowledge just like ChatGPT.
  • Knowledge Library: Easily access and organize all your files in one place.
  • Seamless Sharing: Share your Knowbase chat with anyone you choose.

Supported File Types: Knowbase accommodates a variety of file types, including PDF, MP4, MP3, TXT, PPTX, DOCX, DOC, and YouTube links.

Transcription Service: For the Standard plan, Knowbase offers transcription services for video and audio recordings, converting speech to text. Enjoy up to 900 minutes of transcriptions across multiple files.

Language Support: Knowbase is multilingual, supporting a wide array of languages from Afrikaans to Welsh, making it a truly global knowledge hub.

Use Cases:

  • Organize a diverse range of files effectively.
  • Access stored information through a chat interface.
  • Easily share knowledge with others.
  • Transcribe valuable content from video and audio.
  • Create a multilingual knowledge repository.

Getting Started: Sign up for free and unlock the power of Knowbase in organizing, accessing, and chatting with your stored knowledge files. No credit card required. Experience the future of knowledge management today!

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