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Your AI Co-Programmer for Efficient Development

Added on 12-10-2023
Paid is the ultimate assistant for developers, featuring a co-programmer powered by the latest GPT-4 technology. With this remarkable tool, you'll have access to a command line and code editor, allowing you to interact directly with the AI co-programmer.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Workflows: Create tailored workflows and harness the power of AI to optimize and even automate tasks.
  2. Code Analysis: Easily analyze any codebase and seek answers from the AI co-programmer to enhance code comprehension.
  3. Code Modification: Request the AI to add or update code, and witness the proposed changes side by side in a cloud-based VScode editor.
  4. Automated DevOps: Streamline DevOps processes by letting AI provision your development environments, saving you time and effort.

Pricing Plans: offers a variety of pricing options, and you can start with the basic plan at $20 per user per month. This includes 2 VCPUs, 1GB of memory, and 30GB of storage. Users can explore other plans with varying GPT-4 credits, VCPUs, memory, storage, and VS code cloud IDE capabilities.

Why Choose empowers developers to work more efficiently and effectively. With an AI co-programmer, you can streamline your development tasks, gain deeper insights into your code, and even have an automated partner for your DevOps needs. Plus, you can try it out with a no-credit-card-required free trial. Opt for and code smarter and faster.

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