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Craft Your AI Application In Seconds with BotSquare

Added on 13-10-2023

Botsquare is a low-code AI app development platform that allows users to create and deploy AI applications effortlessly and across multiple channels. The platform is suitable for everyone, from students to business owners, and requires no prior coding skills.


  • Drag & Drop Editor: Building and customizing AI apps is made easy with a powerful drag-and-drop feature.
  • Customizable Vector Data Source: Users can empower their apps with expertise in their chosen subject using a flexible vector data source.
  • Enhanced Natural Language Processing: Integrated NLP module enables impactful conversations with accurate responses.
  • A Variety of AI Modules: A diverse range of AI tools are available, from advanced generative models to seamless phone and messaging integrations.
  • BotSquare LLM: A responsive, cost-effective language model exclusively available at
  • Seamless Multi-channel Deployment: AI apps can go live across multiple channels instantly.
  • Multi-model conversion: Ability to merge text, image, audio, video seamlessly, creating immersive and engaging experiences.
  • AI Microservice Task Management System: Combine, share, and sell modules effortlessly.

Use Cases

  • Paper Review: An AI App that reads academic papers.
  • Video Scanner: An AI App that extracts knowledge from videos.
  • Portrait Generator: An AI App that generates professional portraits.

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