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Added on 12-10-2023

Anse is a user-friendly AI tool designed to provide straightforward and precise answers through streamlined conversations with an AI system.

Key Features:

  • Clean Interface: Anse offers an uncluttered interface that focuses on simplicity.
  • OpenAI's gpt-3.5-turbo: Powered by OpenAI's gpt-3.5-turbo model, it ensures quick and accurate responses.

Usage Configuration:

  • Token Limits: While the specific token limit per request isn't disclosed, Anse has optimized limits to maintain efficiency.
  • Conversation Size: To keep interactions concise, Anse retains a conversation history of up to five messages.
  • Response Randomness Control: Users can adjust the temperature parameter to control response randomness.
  • Language Preferences: Choose between English and simplified Chinese as the system language.

Additional Resources: Anse extends its utility by providing access to documentation and resources on its website and GitHub repository for users seeking more in-depth information.

Why Use Anse: Anse is your go-to AI answer companion. With a focus on simplicity and elegance, it delivers accurate responses, making it an excellent choice for users who appreciate streamlined, efficient interactions with AI systems.

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