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Grants instant access to GPT-4 on any website.

Added on 05-10-2023

AI-HELPER is your go-to tool for unlocking the potential of GPT-4 across the web. Whether you need to draft compelling content, write complex code, craft intricate Excel formulas, rewrite text, research topics, or summarize information, AI-HELPER has you covered. This versatile tool is designed to skyrocket your productivity, saving you valuable time and effort.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Universal Access: AI-HELPER provides instant access to GPT-4 on any website, making it a powerful resource for various tasks.
  • Source Code Ownership: Users have complete ownership and access to the source code, allowing for customization and modification.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The tool seamlessly integrates with macOS and Windows, catering to a wide user base.
  • User-Friendly Query Format: Accessing AI-HELPER is as simple as typing "help:" followed by your query and ending with a ";".
  • No Subscription Fees: There are no recurring subscription fees, and users receive free updates after a one-time purchase.
  • Variable Pricing: AI-HELPER's pricing structure varies based on the number of available spots, with current prices at $29, and future increases set at $49 for 100 spots and $99 for unlimited spots.

Installation and Usage:

To get started, users need to install AI-Help and find the ChatGPT API KEY. AI-HELPER promises to save users 1 to 2 hours per day, allowing them to learn something new each day by subscribing to the creator's newsletter. Support, questions, feedback, and doubts can all be addressed via email.

User Benefits:

  • Enhanced Productivity: AI-HELPER can boost productivity by up to 3 times, making tasks faster and more efficient.
  • Ownership and Control: Users have complete ownership and access to the source code, enabling customization.
  • Platform Flexibility: The tool seamlessly works with both macOS and Windows.
  • Savings: No recurring subscription fees; updates are provided for free post-purchase.
  • Affordable Options: Variable pricing to suit different needs and budgets.


AI-HELPER is a valuable tool that grants instant access to the power of GPT-4 on any website. It empowers users to accomplish a wide range of tasks with ease, from content generation to coding and beyond. With affordable pricing, source code ownership, and no subscription fees, AI-HELPER is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for individuals and organizations alike.

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